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Spreading STEM

The traveling  museum

Years of activity - 2023-today
Target population -children all over the country
Participants - over 2000+ people 
לוגו פרוייקט.png

 We created and build a traveling science museum, this year on the topic of Leonardo De Vinci work in science and engineering. The museum is being transferred from one location to another enabling access to STEM in rural and undeveloped areas.

The Active Lab

Years of activity - 2023-today
Target population - worldwide
Participants - over 46,000  Views for now

This year, we started a new project - The Active Lab. As part of the project, we upload TikTok videos every week featuring cool and interesting experiments that can be easily done at home! To stay updated and learn new fascinating experiments with scientific explanations, follow us on TikTok - @The Active Lab.

The Active lab.png

Science Night

Years of activity - 2015-today
Target population - Dimona residents
Participants - over 6,800 people 
לוגו ליל המדע.png

A night full of various scientific events & activities for the entire family at no charge, open to all residents of Dimona. The night includes diverse scientific activities and experiential workshops from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

STEAM Friday

Years of activity - 2019-today
Target population - Preschool students to 7th graders
Participants - 1058 students

We conduct STEAM enrichment activities as part of the summer vacation on Fridays during the month of July. The purpose of the activities is to arouse interest and allow anyone to experiment, investigate and discover the beauty in science, technology, engineering & art, using materials that everyone can find in their home.

Aerospace day

Years of activity - 2016-today
Target population - Zinman high school students
Participants - 8694 students, 114 lecturers, and 40 visitors (including Air Force commander in reserve – Brigadier General Avihu Ben Noon, Dimona's mayor –Mr. Beni Biton, Hazerim/Nevatim base commander, member of the Knesset and former pilot Mr. Matan Cahana, and more).
Aerospace day_edited.jpg

A unique peak day celebrating science and technology in which we expose youth to the world of aerospace using lectures, scientific performances, workshops, and meetings at "eye level" with navigators, pilots, commanders etc. The day is held in cooperation with the social education team and the school's IAF branch along with a selection of partners from a variety of fields. 

Virtual Olympics

Years of activity - 2015-2020
Target population - Elementary school teams (5th & 6th graders) in Dimona
Participants - 1320 students, 55 kits have been distributed to all teams

A virtual competition which emphasizes STEM fields between various elementary school teams (5th & 6th graders) in Dimona, in cooperation with SISMA LECOL TALMID. the Virtual Olympics' goal is to challenge students through interactive riddles that were written by our team members. The riddles are based on internet search, programming, code cracking, and personal knowledge.

לוגו אולימפיאדה.png

Hour Of Code

Years of activity - 2018-today
Target population - FLL teams across the city and the school's and elementary school students. 
Participants - 1196 students, 39 meetings
שעת קוד לוגו.jpg

A global initiative in collaboration with Microsoft and WIX in which the members of our team expose students to the world of programming. The students experience one hour of code writing in a unique & enjoyable way.

Innovation Lab 2024

Aerospace day_edited.jpg

The innovation mobile project enables making science accessible to disadvantaged populations through advanced technological equipment and innovative skills.

such as: 3D printers, various robotic systems, virtual reality glasses, and artificial intelligence


Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - Children entering 1st grade – children entering 7th grade
Participants - 371 participants

A distinctive summer camp (2-3 days long), for children entering grades 1-7, during the summer vacation. The children participate in robotics workshops, control robots, program EV3 / NXT / Wedo robots for different and complex tasks, and build various models in Lego. The work is done in small groups, according to age groups and/or the student's level of knowledge. We end the camp with an exhibition of the children's products.


Engineering Challenges

Years of activity - 2021-today
Target population - Youth at Risk
Participants - 30 participants

A course designed for 7th-grade students who are struggling academically and socially. The course was created due to the hardship and the division into capsules during Covid-19 Pandemic, which resulted in students not coming to school every day and having no educational framework. Within the course, we aim to develop creative thinking, expose the students to the world of engineering, and enable enjoyable learning.

אתגרים הנדסים לוגו.png

The Science Show

Years of activity - 2022-today
Target population - Preschoolers to 4th graders
Participants - 4736 children, 47 shows

We wrote, directed, and produced a theatrical and interactive science show seasoned with humor, which combines spectacular scientific experiments that arouse the curiosity of the audience (ages 5-10).

Science show.png


Years of activity - 2019
Target population - Teachers in 'Kadima Mada' organization

In cooperation with the supporters of our team, Kadima Mada – World ORT, we created lesson plans on the subjects of CNC, 3D printing, laser machines, and drawing. These lessons are part of the digital-technological toolbox intended for teachers.

מקרס לוגו.png

Future's Engineers

Years of activity - 2018 – 2019
Target population - 5th to 8th graders
Participants - 25

We have developed an innovative pedagogical program that trains students in grades 5 - 8 to become "young engineers" by experiencing engineering and physical challenges.

מהנדסי לוגו.png
Years of activity - 2016, 2019 – today
Target population - Students in the education system in Dimona
Participants - 4 hackathons, 312 participants.

An assembly of people striving to create innovative solutions to various challenges within a time limit. The teams should come up with a visionary idea that meets the conditions of the challenge, develop a presentation or a document detailing the idea and at last, present the idea in front of a team of judges and/or the crowd via a pitch.

האקתון דימונה.png

Hadar The Scientist

Years of activity - 2022-today
Target population - Preschoolers
Participants - 4 preschools
הדר המדענית.png

we created a series of interactive videos featuring Hadar, our team member, and her charming companion - Bob the minion. Together, they execute experiments and teach students about the scientific concepts behind those experiments.


International STEM DAY

Years of activity - 2022-today
Target population - everyone
Participants - 300 participants

we created a series of interactive videos featuring Hadar, our team member, and her charming companion - Bob the minion. Together, they execute experiments and teach students about the scientific concepts behind those experiments.

Escape Boxes

Years of activity - 2018-today
Target population - Students
Participants - 942 participants

throughout the years we developed "portable escape rooms" - escape boxes in different themes(Coronavirus, inspiring women, space, and so forth). we design riddles & puzzles that promote curiosity, creativity & problem-solving skills among students.

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