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FIRST involvment

Years of activity - 2015-today
Opening Teams

Assistance in registering and raising resources for opening the teams through world ORT and the municipality of Dimona.
As part of our team's vision, we have set ourselves a goal to reach anyone we can, to spread the message of FIRST, and to arouse a change in their lives, as FIRST made a change in our lives and in our city. Therefore, beyond expanding the number of students participating in FIRST programs in Dimona, which we did alongside Kadima Mada and the municipality of Dimona, we aim to expand the FIRST community both nationally and internationally.

Opening Teams - 248 teams: Israel & Argentina
  •  FLL explore: 220 
  • FLL: 25 
  • FTC: 2 
  • FRC: 1
Assistance in opening teams - 14 teams - Israel, Brazil and Cyprus
  • FLL: 9 
  • FTC: 3 
  • FRC: 2
Volunteering in FIRST organization 

Over 9,000 hours of volunteering hours in all programs in Israel and around the world.

1 in 4 students in Dimona
takes part in a FIRST program!
of RoboActive's members volunteer in events as mentors.

144 teams

  • FLL explore: 123
  • FLL: 18
  • FTC: 2 
  • FRC: 1

Community FIRST

Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - Robotics teams around the world
Community FIRST logo Horizontal (1).png
Participants - 460 teams from 32 countries and over 64,000 participants

An international volunteering day, in which we invite FIRST teams from all the programs to put the robot aside, and focus on the community first. As part of the day, the teams volunteer in a community close to them and spread science and technology along with other teams around the world.

The Cities' Model

Years of activity - 2019-2021
Target population - Education departments in various cities

The model was implemented in Hatzor H'aglilit and Kiriyat Yam. We have developed a model that serves as an inspiration for cities interested in leveraging the field of robotics in the formal and informal education system. Other cities can use the model to open and maintain FIRST organization's robotics teams in the various age groups - from compulsory kindergartens to twelve graders. 

Cities_ Model.png


Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - Academic students from Dimona that receive a Perah scholarship
Participants - 127 students

In cooperation with the municipality of Dimona, Perah program and Ya'adim center, we train students who study at various universities and colleges to be mentors for FIRST teams. The goal of the project is to support FIRST teams across the city.

Mentoring Course

Years of activity - 2021-2024

We produced a formal FLL.E mentoring course for preschool teachers approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

To this day, 21 teachers have completed the course and are fully guided and supported by us.

Cities_ Model.png

Mentors For Life

Years of activity - 2018-today
Target population - Team FRC – Roboactive #2096 & Team FTC – Atomix #11443  
Workshops held - 24
logo MFL.png

As part of the project, workshops and activities are held and given on a fully voluntary basis by the team's alumni, mentors and supporters. The volunteers provide the team members with content on various topics relevant to life after graduation, the army and the transition to the "real life".

Rounding for STEM

Years of activity - 2018
Target population - FIRST teams in Israel

In the 'Rounding for STEAM' project, we reach out to businesses and individuals to enable people to round up credit purchase amounts. The funds accumulated will be transferred to FIRST and allocated in favor of the annual registration fees of FIRST teams. 

עיגול לטובה.png


Years of activity - 2021-today
Target population - Girls in FLL/FTC/FRC programs
Participants - 140 girls
לוגו כנס ספארק.png

An empowerment and inspiration conference for girls in the fields of science and technology. During the conference, we held a panel of female panelists specializing in the fields of cyber and entrepreneurship. After that, the participants were required to crack an "Inspiring Women" themed escape box that we created.

Bill Submission

Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - FIRST teams in Israel
Meeting - 14 meetings with Knesset members & ministers: 5 ministers and 7 Knesset members
Bill submission NEW.png

We initiated a law submission. The law will provide an exemption from tax payment for robotics teams while ordering parts and equipment for building their robots from the official suppliers of FIRST. We have promoted the status of robotics teams and the FIRST organization among the Knesset and government members.

MAC conference

Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - FIRST teams in Israel
Participants: 1,593 participants

The first conference of its kind within the FIRST community in Israel that focuses on the fields of media, awards and community. We have organized and planned the conference since 2017. In addition, we have lectured in the conference since its establishment.

לוגו MAC שחור .png

Parents For Parents

Years of activity - 2017-2018, 2023
Target population - Parents of other FRC/FTC/FLL robotics teams' members in Israel
parents for parents.png
Meetings held: 4

The parents of our team members meet with parents from various FIRST teams in the country. In the meetings, our parents explain the meaning of parent involvement in FIRST and how they are an integral part of the team - from providing hot meals during the season, night shifts, raising resources, cheering in competitions and so much more.

START Conference

Years of activity - 2017-2018
START logo.png
Target population - New/renewed FRC teams
Participants - 90 participants

The conference's goal is to grant new or developing teams an array of tools in different fields. The conference was conducted in the form of a "knowledge market" in which all the participating teams could acquire knowledge on a variety of topics, including community, media, raising funds and recruiting new team members.

Compass Alliance

Years of activity - 2020
Target population - FRC teams across the globe

The program was initiated in 2017 by FRC team 3132# and nine different teams around the world. The program goal is to help learn quickly about the management, improvement and sustainability of FRC teams across the globe. In 2020, we joined the program's support staff.

The Compass Alliance Logo.png

FLL Programming workshop

Years of activity - 2015 - 2018, 2021 - 2023
Target population - FLL teams in our city

we teach dozens of FLL teams in our city how to program properly at EV3 software and thus, helping them prepare for their competitions



Years of activity - 2016-2018

We had the opportunity to lecture at official FIRST conferences.


Years of activity - 2020

We lectured at the virtual conference hosted by robotics team #3083 on the topic of designing mechanical systems.

Years of activity - 2021

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we had the opportunity to participate in a Turkish off-season, where we presented our communal work and translated a science book into Hebrew.

Refresh conference

Years of activity - 2022

We lectured at the Refresh conference hosted by robotics team #5951 on the topic of holding FLL. E festivals.

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