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3D Printing Face Masks

Years of activity - 2020
Target population - Essential workers
Masks distributed - 428

As soon as the first lockdown began, there was a shortage of protective face masks in the country. We took the 3D printers from school to our homes. We used our printing knowledge and created 428 protective masks that we donated to workers in essential locations in Dimona, Pardes Hana and Jerusalem.

Read My Lips

Years of activity - 2020 -today
Target population - Hearing impaired people
Masks distributed - 1522

We have developed a unique transparent mask that allows hearing impaired people to read lips and facial expressions without fog accumulating in the mask. After planning, conducting experiments, conversations and printing, we created a prototype that became a product. So far, we have donated 1482 masks to: Beit Mor boarding school in Kfar Saba, sign language Interpreters in "The Voice" organization, hearing Impaired clubs in Dimona, Be'er Sheva, Kiriyat Gat, Jerusalem, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kfar Kasem, the Bedouin sector and nursing students.


Years of activity - 2020 -2021
Target population - Four preschools: Ofira (religious), Ecaliptus, Zait and Zarzir
Participants: 168 participants

A program that took place in 4 preschools in Dimona – in which the children and their parents conducted experiments with us through Zoom meetings. To achieve that, we distributed 168 kits with all the required materials and created a series of videos that the kids watched in the kindergarten before meeting with us.

In addition, we wrote a book filled with scientific experiments and filmed a video with the siblings of our team members demonstrating the experiments.


Drive In

Years of activity - 2021
Target population - our teachers and their families

During Covid-19 period, we set up a neighborhood "Drive-In" in the school parking lot that includes scientific escape boxes and spectacular activities. We invited the entire teaching staff of our school and their families to enjoy a different and special experience in the open air in this challenging time.

participants - 72 participants

Food Baskets Packing

Years of activity - 2020-2021
Target population - families in need
Baskets donated: 90 baskets

we have a saying in our team: "our alumni are our pride" this project symbolizes the accuracy of the saying. our alumni decided to help - they packed 90 food baskets for families in need during the first lockdown in Israel.

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