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Promoting Diversity & Equity

Establishment of an accessible playground at the "Tzabar" school for children with special needs

Years of activity - 2016-2018
Target population - Tzabar wheelchaired students 

We created a culture, sports and leisure space that is accessible to 100% of the students in Tzabar school – a school for children with special needs in Dimona. At the school, 10 students out of 55 use wheelchairs, and because of that they could not play and enjoy the playground that existed at their school. Therefore, we decided to design and establish an accessible playground. After encountering bureaucratic safety and maintenance difficulties during the construction of the park, we decided to purchase an accessible playground. We raised over 200,000 INS through crowdfunding, support from Dimona municipality and 'Akim' association and purchased a playground that meets the standards. In October 2018, we had the privilege of inaugurating the park at a moving ceremony. The park became a model for another accessible park established in the city a year later.

לוגו צבר.png

Be your "BARBIE"

Years of activity - 2023

We've set up a photo booth challenging the idea that girls should look like "Barbie dolls". Girls can pose as Barbie doctors, engineers, pilots, and technicians, showcasing roles rarely found in store-bought Barbies. 

לוגו ברבי (2).png

The House For Families

Years of activity - 2022-today
Target population - Families of children with special needs
Participants - 50 Families of children with special needs
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Volunteering at a community center for families of children with special needs aged 5-25. As part of the volunteering, we raised resources for the development of the center, opened a robotics team which we will mentor and guide until the participation in the municipal robotics festival. In addition, the members of the team, together with the children's parents will conduct a science class for the children at the center once every two weeks.

The Good group

Years of activity - 2019
Target population - People with special needs / disabilities
הקבוצה לוגו.png

We took part in THE GOOD TEAM international project whose goal is to adapt or create personalized devices designed for the specific requirements of people with special needs - we designed an automatic machine for painting pottery, in Beit Amichai, Ra'anana.

Active Girls

Years of activity - 2016-today
Target population - Girls who are debating whether or not to study computer science and/or physics in high school
Participants - 143 girls, 89 meetings, 33 female lecturers and 14 tours
Active Girls logo.png

The project aims to increase the number of girls who choose scientific subjects in high school (physics/computer science & software engineering in the scope of 5 study units) and to show girls that the world of STEAM is open to them as well. As part of the project, the girls participate in workshops in various science fields, hear lectures from inspiring female lecturers and visit high-tech companies. Following the project 70% of the participants chose to study physics and/or computer science in high school.

Active Girls Mentors

Years of activity - 2023
Target population - Girls who are debating whether or not to study computer science and/or physics in high school

We created a mentoring program for girls unsure about choosing scientific courses of study in school. the critical component differentiating the "Active Girls" from this project is assigning a mentor for each student. to create a more personal, in-depth understanding about choosing scientific studies

Code Girl

Years of activity - 2019-today
Target population - Girls in 4th to 7th grade

The goal of the project is to expose girls to the world of programming and code writing through hands-on experience in a code class. The course, which uses the Microsoft platform, is based on experiential and interactive methods.

logo code girl black.png

Mind The Gap

Years of activity - 2016-2017
Mind the Gap.png
Target population - Girls in 9th grade who are debating whether or not to study computer science in high school
Participants - 23 girls

'Mind The Gap' program by Google Israel encourages girls in middle school and high school to study scientific subjects and computer science in particular. The program also addresses the lack of knowledge & understanding among young girls regarding computer science, the lack of female role models in the field and the misinformation about computer science. 


Years of activity - 2019-2020
Target population - Girls who participate in FLL & FTC programs
WOW Logo - Color.png
Participants - 20 girls

The program is based on the project plan of the robotics team that founded the project (#2485 W.A.R lords from the USA). We implemented it in Israel - WOW harnesses the power of FIRST to recruit girls and engage them in the world of STEM. 


Years of activity - 2021-today
Target population - Girls in FLL/FTC/FRC programs
Participants - 140 girls
לוגו כנס ספארק.png

An empowerment and inspiration conference for girls in the fields of science and technology. During the conference, we held a panel of female panelists specializing in the fields of cyber and entrepreneurship. After that, the participants were required to crack an "Inspiring Women" themed escape box that we created.

STEAM Super Hero

Years of activity - 2021-today
Target population - Hospitalized children
Donated kits - 150

During the Covid-19 period, together with the robotics team "Electrobunny" #1954 from Beer Sheva, we have created a kit of scientific experiments and a booklet of drawings & stories to expose hospitalized children to groundbreaking scientists throughout history. We distribute the kits in the pediatric wards in hospitals in Israel.

in collaboration with team #3065, we translated the booklet into Arabic to allow all to enjoy.

logo ערכת גיבורי מדע וטכנולוגיה_edited.png

House Of Engineers

Years of activity - 2017-today
Target population - Welfare kids
Participants - 75 kids, two welfare clubs (Gefen/Shibolim)

n empowerment program for children in welfare clubs in which the children participate in fun and varied activities on the subjects of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. They Experience working both personally and collectively. Most importantly - They begin to believe in themselves and their ability.

House of Engineers logo.png

Educational Mentoring

Years of activity - 2021
Target population - Zinmna high school students

In 2021, we saw the difficulties and challenges that the transition to Zoom learning has led to. A transition that caused an increase in educational gaps. Therefore, we have initiated a personal mentoring program in which we scholastically support students with difficulties from 7th-9th grade in our school. thus, helping them realize their potential and reduce the gaps created.


Years of activity - 2019 – today
Target population - Kids from low socio–economic class
Appliances donated - 130
Logo Be NICE!.png

As part of the 'Be NICE' project we collect used PCs from community donations and improve them by cleaning & rebooting the computers and if necessary, installing an operating system. We donate the computers to students who cannot afford them. A total of 55 laptops were donated to us by the high-tech company NICE in 3 different donations.

Hotam's Summer Preparatory Program in the Bedouin Sector

Years of activity - 2019
Target population - Students entering 10th grade
Participants - 66 students

In cooperation with the national Hotam organization, we volunteered in a Summer preparatory for students entering 10th grade, At the ORT Abu Talul school in the Bedouin sector. As part of the volunteering, we conducted interesting activities and exposed the students to the fields of STEAM.

One Team

Years of activity - 2022
Target population - Arabic & Jewish girls.
Participants - 43 girls

We initiated leadership & teamwork-themed activities for the "One Team" Summer camp participants in Kfar Silver.


Years of activity - 2021
Target population - Hospitalized children.

we created a pedagogical regarding STEAM studies for hospitalized children. we collaborated with medical students in Hadasa hospital in Ein Cerem, Jerusalem.

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