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Over the years, we have initiated and created a number of hackathons, each centered around crucial topics.

Accelerating forward

In 2023, after initiating dozens of projects over eight years, it was time for new ideas. We formed a creativity-themed hackathon in which we invited our Supporters, parents, and teachers. they inspired us to creatively create new ideas.


On November 30, 2022, we collaborated with Dekalim school and initiated an energy-themed hackathon where students brainstormed to devise creative solutions to the energy crisis.



in 2020, we collaborated with robotics teams #3211 and #2230 on an exciting development-themed hackathon. it was centered around developing useful tools for FIRST teams.


the "Nechama king" Hackathon

in 2021 Nechama King, a close friend of RoboActive #2096 passed away. in memory of Nechama we created and Hackathon for girls centered around wearable technology & inspiring females.

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