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In the CRESCENDO Challenge, the goal of the teams is for them to use their STEM skills and strength
"Volume" while they plan, build and programming their robots for an action-packed game.

In the game about the robot:

  •  Shoot notes into the speaker.

  • Reasonable comments in AMP.

  • Climb the chain.

  • Pay attention inside the Trap.

Season Robot 

לוגו Thor 2024.png
crescendo (2).webp

Drivetrain: Our propulsion system can easily move around the field and maneuver the robot quickly
and lightly.
The last few years we have chosen to use Coast West paddle, this year
The second one we use Swerve drive.
We chose the Swerve drive in order to increase the robot's maneuverability and capability
tackle defense.

SDS MK4i - L2 : Swerve modules
● 2 Falcon 500 engines.
● Version 2 to enable movement
at a maximum speed of 4.96 meters/second.
● Final gear ratio - 1:67.5

● 4 external profiles 50X25 - 2 with a thickness of 1.5 mm and 2 - with a thickness of 3 mm.
● 5 mm polycarbonate plate for electronics.
The location of the battery at the back of the robot, and the collection and firing system at the front, so that it is central
The mass will remain in the middle of the robot.

Collecting and shooting Notes: a strategic point of view, we chose to integrate the shooting collection system, in order to allow shooting
Notes and collection from the same direction. Although this is a disadvantage in the autonomous stage, it is an advantage
significant during the teleop phase.
When the Notes fail to hit the target, they gather around the Speaker,-
By shooting and collecting from the same direction we can enable Notes collection, quick tuning and accurate shooting
and effective.
The collection system is characterized by the "it own, it Touch" technique, when a Note comes into contact
With the pickup wheel lines, it immediately goes into the system, which allows us to save
on a fast pace of play.

Climbing and placing Note in Trap: In order to be able to obtain the maximum amount of RP in each game, we decided to perform the
The Trap mission - a mission that gives a large score in order to reach the RP of a mission
the type
We chose to carry out this task, but not to give up going under the Stage and chain
(maximum height of 72 cm).
Therefore, we have created a complex of systems that work together in order to succeed in this mission,
which are divided into 2: the climbing system, and the discount system in Trap.

Off-Season Robot 



ISR district recap


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