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About Us

We are RoboActive #2096 from Darca Zinman high-school in Dimona, Israel. We are taking part in the international robotics competition for high-school students - the FRC. 

Our team consists of 37 high school students from 10th to 12th grades - 48% of them are girls!
The team has 9 mentors - 88% are the team's alumni.

The Team

FIRST Robotics Competition

FRC is a competition of the FIRST organization, whose goal is to encourage teenagers to be the next STEAM leader through innovative programs that inspire kids and teenagers to be involved with science, engineering, and technology. the program combines excitement, creativity and life skills such as self-confidence, leadership and community involvement.

Approximately 4,000 teams compete across the world, the best of them get to participate in the international competition in Houston or Detroit and compete for the title "World Champions" in several categories. Within this program, each team is given a period of ~7 weeks to plan, build and program a robot while keeping the competition rules. After this period, the teams compete against one another in regional, national and international competitions. Besides, the teams face additional challenges such as fundraising, branding and community involvement. Indeed, it is said that this is the closest experience to the real high-tech world. 



RoboActive was founded in 2015 by a team of FLL alumni who dreamed of continuing to study, dream and influence in FIRST. RoboActive officially opened on June 7th, 2015 by a team of students and the head mentor - Etty Itzhak.


On October 5th, 2015, we were defined by the international FIRST as a "Renewable Team" and received our official number - 2096

Our first FRC season was "FIRST Stronghold" in 2016. 

Our Vision

  • To be a sustainable, inspiring, winning team who leaves a mark.

  • To be a team that is involved in the community and that spread STEM.

  • To be a team for which robotics is not just about a robot.

  • To be a team that develops the future pioneers, engineers, scientists, and researchers of the country of Israel and the world in the future.

Our Values

All Hands In


– We are determined to build a winning team in which every one of us is a key player. We treat the members of the team as family, treat each other with respect, listening to one another. We believe that teamwork divides the effort and maximizes the productivity.

Image by Helena Lopes

Fun, enthusiasm and passion 

It's important to enjoy and get excited at any given chance, it increases our enthusiasm and the passion for robotics.

Business Consultation


We believe in constant improvement, therefore we nourish an striving for excellence approach, investigating and drawing conclusions. It's okay to make mistakes but we need to learn from them. We realized that in order to become excellent we need to give our all – 100% effort.

Volunteers Packing Food

Community Outreach

We are an active team - we look for problems / needs in our community and try to solve and answer them.

Human-Robot Friendship

Innovation and creativity

We'll insist on coming up with new ideas, imagine and dare. This brings us to life changing innovation.

Classroom Lecture

Gracious professionalism

A leading value in the FIRST community!

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