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Charged Up 2023

In CHARGED UP, presented by Haas, two competing alliances are invited to process game pieces to bring energy to their community. Each alliance brings energy to their community by retrieving their game pieces from substations and scoring it into the grid. Human players provide the game pieces to the robots from the substations. In the final moments of each match, alliance robots race to dock or engage with their charge station!

Each match begins with a 15-second autonomous period, during which time alliance robots operate only on pre-programmed instructions to score points by:

  • leaving their community,

  • retrieving and scoring game pieces onto the grid,

  • docking on or engaging with their charge station.


In the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the match, drivers take control of the robots and score points by:

  • continuing to retrieve and score their game pieces onto the grid and

  • docking on or engaging with their charge station.

The alliance with the highest score at the end of the match wins!

Season Robot 

Drivetrain: SDS MK4i Swerve Modules, powered by 2 Falcon motors on each module, 1:6.75 gear ratio. 
Cube Intake: Wide gripper made of two 4" Compliment wheels and two 2" Stealth wheels on each side, driven by a timing system and a Falcon 500 engine with a 1:4 Max-Planetary gear. It open and close using a Falcon 500 engine with a planetary gear of 1:10 and an external gear of 1:15.55 (final ratio of 1:114.81)
Cone Intake: 2-inch Flex wheel shaft and a lower 3-inch Flex wheel shaft driven by a timing system, gears, and a Falcon 500 engine with a 1:5 planetary gear. The Intake is connect to a small robotic arm, enabling collecting from human player and ground.

Elevator: A 3 grid levels elevatpr connected to 2 constant force springs of 3 Kg on each side and a spring of 7.5 Kg with a changed angle. The elevator is powerd by wires connected to a winch made of versa roll driven by Falcon 500 motor with planetary gear of 1:5 ratio, and external gear of 1:2.44 ratio, final ratio - 1:122.22. The elevator changes its angle using an external gear on each side, driven by a Falcon 500 engine with a final ratio of 1:72 and 2 Damping pistons (120N). 

Off-Season Robot 



ISR district recap


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